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What is acculturation?
· The process of adopting the cultural traits or social patterns of another group.
Acculturation mostly depends on the relationship within the two cultures. When one culture is primarily more advanced in technology and economy and what not, it is more likely that they are the ones that will influence and manipulate acculturation. The contact between the British settlers of Australia and the Aboriginals is a secure example. In Australia today, it can we be easily pinpointed that they have adapted the European culture. Although the European style had been taken into their world, the British accepted some small characteristics from the Australians. But because they were in power of the condition, they could select the traits that were integrated in their culture.
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This “flow chart” shows how acculturation is started and what the outcomes are.

According to dictionary.com, "Acculturation is the modifications of the culture of a group or individual as a result of contact with a different culture."

It can be be both a good, and a bad thing. An example of good, is when useful technology is adapted from one culture into another. An example of negative effects of acculturation, is when the aspects of another culture cause problems in the society. Lets use the First Nations of North America, and European interaction for both good, and bad. It was helpful to the European settlers when the Natives taught them how to live through the harsh winters of North America, because without that knowledge, they would have quickly died. A negative effect of this interaction, was the introducing of guns into the Native lifestyle. The guns replaced their bow and arrow, and it was definitely a more powerful weapon, but it also would cause the animals the natives hunted to be dangerous to eat, because of the gunpowder, and other materials used in a gun. It also led to overhunting.

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Because of this, when we interact, and mix with other cultures, we have to make sure that the things that we are immitating are things that will not decrease our quality of life, or standard of living. In the present, there isn't as much acculturation, because most cultures have already interacted with each other.

Example of acculturation: the "Idol" series began in Britain, and has now spread to many countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Finland, and Ethiopia.