Corporations: the Good and the Bad
Andrew H. M.

By Definition, a corporation is: a group of people authorized to act as an individual and recognized in law as a single entity, esp. in business. A corporation is recognized as such due to the fact that when they were giving rights to black people, the corporations stepped in and declared themselves a single entity, not just a group of individuals.

Some Good things about a corporation are:
  • Create almost everything that we have or need.
  • Create a lot of jobs for over populated countries such as China, India.
  • Creating wealth in a community.
Although the list for good deeds is small, the deeds themselves are great. For countries like China and India, these stores are a godsend to help them in there time of need. The need for money specifically. For small towns they are just what the town needs, a big store to create jobs for the young and at the same time get more money into the system. All of this besides the fact that the store also supplies many items of necessity, which may not be available in great quantities.

Some Bad things about a corporation are:
  • They do not deal with there problems but simply give them to other people, corporations.
  • Do not pay their workers a satisfactory wage for a hard day’s effort and do not see anything wrong with it.
  • Corporations deliberately ignore the side affects of their products thus causing and spreading diseases.
  • Wreak havoc with natures balance in order to create more of a product that the world has an ample supply of. (example: milk)
  • Destroy ecosystems in order to create trivial products.
  • Lay off thousands of workers just to become automated factories.
Unfortunately, the bad things list far exceeds that of the good deeds list. As you can see for yourself, these corporations are the cause of many diseases, problems in the biosphere, disruption of the eco-zone. It is these problems that we face today and although many of the corporations have been fined heavily, (by our standards) they still continue to destroy our world in order to create mediocre products.