A corporation is a legal entity that enjoys the same legal rights as those of a person. The fourteenth ammendment in America provide life, liberty and the right to own property to citizens and corporations. Its identity allows it to have several benefits that an individual person would have, but it is still a company.
A corporations stockholders have the benefit of limited liability, which means they can only lose as much money as they put into it. A corporation’s stakeholders also have the benefit of getting regular dividends from the company. Some disadvantages of a corporation is that are usually comprised of people, whose main goal is personal success, at the expense of animals, the environment, and other people. A corporation must pay their stakeholder regular dividends. Laura Sadler
Even though corporations are marked by society as evil and money hungry, they do have their advantages. They provide the products that meet our needs and wants. Perhaps society is so dependent on the corporation for this reason, we continue to let it control our society, and get away with several bed deeds.